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Hoboken Irish Cultural Festival Recap 3/14- Photos and Videos

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Hoboken Irish Cultural Festival

When Chris Halleron came up with the idea to have Hoboken's First Irish Festival, it was borne out of the notion that he was disappointed that there would be no Hoboken St. Patrick’s Day Parade this year. Rather than try and assign blame or point fingers in this politically charged town, Chris a proud Irishman, decided to do something positive about it and the idea of the festival went from inception to reality. When the current Administration in Hoboken heard about this plan to host the event they were supportive and helped spread the word. Chris in no way was trying to replace the Hoboken St. Patrick’s Day Parade with this event but rather start perhaps a new tradition focused on Irish tradition music, sport, beer and food. Kudos to Chris Halleron for taking a chance and putting this event together.

Yesterday on March 14th 2012 , perfect weather helped garner a good sized turnout for the event . Absent were many of the normal political figures from the opposition to the Mayor but the beer area was pretty full nonetheless. Some members of the Cunning family, the originators of the Hoboken St. Patrick’s Day Parade were also in attendance at this event. Earlier in the day there were more kids and family and as the evening progressed more adults joined the beer area and listened to the bands. spoke to one couple later that night at the Elysian Café that attended and they said liked the festival and heard about it through friends. They said both had a couple of beers and liked the musical acts especially the final one which was The Pale Boys. Earlier in the day there was a hurling demonstration (of the sporting and non-barfing kind which is nice for a change) on the Little league field and Traditional Irish Step Dancers from the Garden Street School of Performing Arts. The bands were The Will O’Connor Band, Paddy, George Murphy from Dublin and the Pale Boys and they all gave quality mostly Irish musical performances. George Murphy threw the crowd a bit of a curve with a Bob Marley song but it proved to be a good sing a long and they stuck to mostly Irish tunes after that.

All proceeds from beer sales from last night will go to Hoboken Shelter and the American Legion Post 107′s Adopt-A-Soldier program. Vietnam veteran and long time Hobokenite and Irishman Jon Cary gave a quick speech about the successes of the Adopt-A-Soldier program as well as Jaclyn Cherubini about the Hoboken Shelter. There was also a very good food vendor which had fish and chips and another selling Irish souvenirs. If this event is held next year it would seem there could be a good opportunity for several more vendors to be added. Below are photos and videos from the event….

Hoboken Irish Cultural Festival Photos from 3-14-2012:

Video- Highlights from Hoboken Irish Cultural Festival 3-14-2012:

Video- Will O’Connor Band at Hoboken Irish Cultural Festival 3-14-2012: