Monday, March 19, 2012

Photo of the Day - Elysian Cafe in Hoboken via HDR

Here is a photo of the day segment I just posted on I am reprinting it here to keep The Hoboken Journal somewhat up to date while I consider what to do with this website going forward which will include periodic updates. I am not just sure yet as to the frequency and content.

Elysian Cafe from across street Hoboken HDR

The experiment with HDR continues at  with another Hoboken visual treasure, the Elysian Café at 10th and Washington Street. I will likely be re-visiting this place once the outdoor portion of the  café opens up. The flowers and plants are quite beautiful when they are set up and make for a great weekend brunch spot when the weather is nice.  Just for comparison sake here is the same photo below with an artistic cloth effect applied.

Elysian Cafe from across street Hoboken HDR 1 -touched up cropped with cloth effect

And below is an Instagram version I did by cropping the photo and applying a few more effects. Just last week I opened up and account for TheBoken on Instagram and we already have 62 followers.  From time to time I will use this account to feature photos other than the photo of the day or different versions.

Elysian Cafe HDR Instagram