Saturday, April 21, 2012

Open Letter to the City of Hoboken from 300 Washington Street Residents and Owners

The residents and owners of 300 Washington Street would like to extend their thanks to the many people of Hoboken who helped them in time of need with respect to the fire that took place there on 2/19/2012 that destroyed the landmark building….

An Open Letter to the City of Hoboken:

The residents and owners of the 300 Washington Street fire would like to express our deep appreciation and gratitude to all for your love, support, and generosity during this most difficult time.  The outpouring we have received has been overwhelming. While we may have lost our belongings and our beloved historical building, we have witnessed the kindness, beauty and generosity that embodies Hoboken.  You have come to our aid with donations, kind words, and a loving hand.  For that you will always be in our hearts.
Artwork by Ricardo Roig

We especially want to thank the first responders, including: Chief Richard Blohm and the Hoboken Fire Department, Chief Anthony P. Falco, Sr. and the Hoboken Police Department, Director of Public Safety John Tooke, Hoboken Volunteer Ambulance Corps, and The Hoboken Office of Emergency Management. In addition, we extend our gratitude to Mayor Dawn Zimmer and her staff, the Hoboken Rotary Club, and St. Peter and Paul’s Church, who all worked tirelessly to ensure that the displaced residents had food, shelter, and comfort. The support continued well after the fire. Many of these groups and individuals have helped us as we work towards the rebuilding process. Without such support, this process would have otherwise been a daunting task.

We would very much like to thank everyone who made donations of clothing, household items, and money to help us get back on our feet. Thank you to the local businesses that hosted events for us or donated gift certificates to raise funds. We send our appreciation to all of the Hoboken residents, volunteers, local business owners, charity and social group organizers, website owners, bloggers, newspapers, and other media outlets who helped spread the word and raise awareness of our situation and the efforts to raise funds. The list of supporters spans pages. While we can’t name them all here, we are eternally grateful for each and everyone’s help.

As numerous Hoboken residents have mentioned to us, our building was one of beauty that embodied the life blood of Hoboken.  We hope to rebuild and bring back the splendor of it for everyone to enjoy again, as we once did.

Sincerely and with the utmost thanks and appreciation,

The residents and owners of 300 Washington St:

Paola Buendia, Mark Donovan, Ralph Russo, Tiffany Shenman, Fred Volze, Michael Sinensky, Kevin Rose, Bethany Rose, Leigh Treiling, Eric Treiling, Kate Lopez, Kathy Griffin, Monica Yang, Billy Woods, Daniel Woods, Ricky Palmer, Caroline Madrak, Stacey Molski, Stephanie Garman, Collin Kamm, Chris Ludgate, Anthony Rea, Kee Seymore, Shedrick Pelt, Joe Giletti, Carrie DePetris, Michael Donohue  and Derrick Hicks