Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Kids First Kickoff Sunday September 23 2-4pm at Turtle Club

This Sunday The Kids First Slate of Ruth McAllister, Jean Marie Mitchell and Hoboken Charter School Founder Tom Kluepfel are having their BOE Campaign Kickoff this Sunday from 2-4pm at the Turtle Club. The Turtle Club is located at 936 Park Avenue in Hoboken, NJ.

The Kids First Slate will not be with one of the key members Theresa Minutillo who decided to step down after 2 terms of service. Note that all three members of Kids First will need to win in order to maintain their majority. During the 3 year majority of Kids First many positive developments have occurred including cleaning up the administrative processes and waste including the elimination of low show jobs, lowering the tax levy as much as possible, putting more instruction and money back into the classrooms and the hiring of an experienced Administrator in Dr. Toback. For Dr. Toback to continue his fine work to date, these three candidates who have all long supported the Hoboken District Schools will need to be re-elected or the progress that Dr. Toback has made will come to a halt and a new era of uncertainty and possible proliferation of patronage which will promulgate profusely and profoundly, pounding on the pupils possibilities for proper pedagogy.