Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Alex Karras Dead at 77 - Long Live Mongo!

Alex Karras, former Detroit Lions lineman in the NFL has died at 77 from kidney failure and other complications at home with friends and family. Famous as a menacing NFL defensive lineman, a Monday Night Football commentator, but perhaps received most of his fame for his outstanding role of Mongo in Mel Brook's comedy Blazing Saddles.

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The character Mongo has always been one of my favorites, especially  with the classic line "Don't know, Mongo only pawn in game of life". As goons go Mongo was certainly loveable and eventually turned to be out on the side of good and aligning with Sherrif Bart. Can the same be said for Hoboken's political goons under the wing of the Old Guard and the employ of Beth Mason? Highly doubtful but the FBI has a funny way of turning people when the right leverage is applied. 

To the Karras family my deep sympathy but part of the legacy of Alex Karras will go long on in the form of Mongo, American Cinema's most loveable goon turned good. If Hoboken could only be so lucky.