Thursday, October 11, 2012

Hoboken Mom Nancy Pincus Attacked with Midnight Fliers by Move Hoboken Forward (or Backward) or Supporters

Move Hoboken Forward, the Frank Pupie Raia backed BOE slate opposing the reform minded Kids First BOE Slate that has been supported by Mayor Dawn Zimmer may or may not be directly responsible for these latest midnight fliers attacking Kids First, but their some of their supporters sure as heck are. A number of fliers denouncing independent blogger Nancy Pincus have been distributed trying to tightly associate her with the Kids First Campaign. Below is a photo of one of the fliers being distributed to Hoboken windshields....

Photo Courtesy of Grafix Avenger Blog
Link to Story on GA:

They don't call politics in Hoboken the "silly season" for nothing!

Here is where I stand on this issue:
  • Nancy Pincus runs an independent political blog.
  • Nancy Pincus is currently not on the current Kids First Campaign in any capacity according to sources.
  • Yes, her blog is partisan and pro-reform. She is entitled to her opinions. 
  • Nancy calls her own shots on what to write and does not take editorial direction from City Council, the Mayor or the BOE candidates. I should know from when she used to send me articles for the Hoboken Journal before she started her blog.
  • She has helped out from time to time with graphics for reform candidates and even helped me in my Freeholder Race with handout cards as well as Kids First in the past. 
  • Nancy Pincus calls it the way she sees it and while I might not always agree with her tone or content choices, she never intentionally misleads with her posts. Aside from her sometimes silly graphics, her fact based research posts are simply some of the best.investigative journalism out there on Hoboken politics. The Hudson Reporter should take note.That bird cage liner "Old Guard" rag oozes the stench of Old Guard corruption with just about every article on a weekly basis.
  • She is not liked by the Old Guard due to her fact finding content whether it is about BOE waste and fraud , ELEC violations, or wiretapping fraud.
  • Political satire of politicians or their operatives is not bullying. It is free speech.
  • Too some Nancy Pincus is a funny commentator, to others she offends. To others both.
  • If you don't like her blog, don't read it.
  • Pro old guard operatives in the past have proved to be the real bullies. A school board member was harassed in front of her 5 year old child, and old guard blogger ripped a camera out of the hands of a reform blogger and was charged with assault. Another old guard goon yelled obscenities at a 5'3" soccer mom. These are just a few examples of how the opponents of reform roll.
  • Yes, there is a civil lawsuit out there against her, another blogger and a bunch of screen names. The case is just in its beginning stages so no conclusions should be drawn until the facts some out. 
  • Needless to say for anyone needing to be convinced that the SLAPP lawsuit wasn't filed as a political weapon should just look at the flier above and draw their own conclusions.
  • Under advice from counsel I will refrain from commenting on the SLAPP lawsuit directly but suffice it to say I am looking forward to a very favorable outcome for all the defendants and a very unfavorable one for the plaintiffs. 
In my opinion, Move Hoboken Forward should either apologize for distributing this flyer or denounce it and request their surrogates stop with this nonsense. Don't they have any real campaign issues to offer? If this is what Move Hoboken Forward is about, they need to change their name to Move Hoboken Backward.