Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Hoboken BOE Swearing ....... In

Last night the "Clean Sweepers" from Kids First were all sworn in to their respective terms on the Board. Jean Marie Mitchell was sworn in for her one year term. Leon Gold, Irene Sobolov and Rose Markle were sworn in for their three year terms. Losing Candidate Patricia Waiters was swearing too. No, not profanity but she was swearing but that the election was rigged despite the fact that she got hundreds of dubious absentee ballots courstesy of the "Pupie Express".  Give it a rest honey and go get "Cammy" (Peter "Grind them into Powder" Cammarano) his umbrella and some butt plugs. Where he is going, he is going to need some.

Here are the swearing in Videos.....

Election Certification and Jean Marie Mitchell:

Leon Gold:

Irene Sobolov:

Rose Markle: