Thursday, June 3, 2010

Hoboken City Council Meeeting Video Recap

For the reader's convenience here is the video recap from last night's marathon City Council meeting in three parts. The Russo orchestrated forces of NIMBY were once again in assemblance but it was clear to me that the City Council Members got the message that the City Garage solution was not to be near any residential area.

Hoboken 411 had elected to not cover the event with live chat (that site has been getting really lazy and sloppy as of late) I did get a few stragglers over to my site that would normally be content to spout their vitriol over there. Other than a few racist posts on Ravi Bhalla that I deleted and a bit of Hoboken 411 repetitious claptrap I let the comments fly keeping consistent with my policy to keep the chat unmoderated as possible.

Peak viewers on the City feed at one point was about 126 viewers and I had a total of 58 readers on the live chat and almost 1,700 total comments a new Hoboken Journal record! Not bad for a "tiny" site like mine; those were some giant numbers! :). I am glad to be able to provide the readers who are not on the anti-Zimmer band wagon of pure hate riding to the bowels of hell a place on their little white ponies a place to comment freely. For those who think I was too lenient last night as always it is a work in progress on exactly where to draw the line. I tend to let commenters have a wide berth and close the gap when things get racist and like spam, repeating the same thing.

Cost of Live Blogging Software: Free
Cost of watching Lane Bajardi destroy his chances in a media career: Priceless!

City Council Meeting of June 2, 2010 part 1 of 3:

City Council Meeting of June 2, 2010 part 2 of 3:

City Council Meeting of June 2, 2010 part 3 of 3: