Thursday, June 3, 2010

Hoboken Saves $146,000 from Municipal Court Appointments

This was one of the positive highlights of last night's City Council meeting where it was pointed out that the City of Hoboken will save almost $150K from its recent appointments of judges and prosecutors versus the previous Administration. It is not a lot but it is a start and a step in the right direction.


As a result of a series of appointments made by Mayor Dawn Zimmer and approved by the City Council to the Municipal Court system, the City of Hoboken will realize significant yearly cost savings.

“My first concern is always to find the most highly qualified candidates for any job opening,” said Mayor Dawn Zimmer. “Without losing any services, our City and taxpayers will save more than $146,000 per year from these appointments.”

Via reduced salaries and the elimination of benefits, each appointment and reappointment for Chief Judge, Alternate Judge and Municipal Prosecutor will save the City thousands of dollars. A previous Municipal Prosecutor appointment resulted in similar savings. Combined, the four appointments will result in savings of $146,503 per year.

The new salary for the Chief Judge position will be $55,000, compared to the previous salary of $101,703 – a savings of $46,703. Similarly, both Municipal Prosecutors will receive a salary of $32,500 without benefits, compared to the previous salaries of $61,931 and $61,446 plus benefits valued at approximately $20,000. Each position will save the City approximately $49,000. A full summary of the previous salaries, new salaries and cost savings is below.