Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Note from Republicans of Hoboken on Tommorow's Primary

Here is a note from the Republicans of Hoboken regarding tomorrow's primary election. I am publishing this piece here even though I am a Democrat. I do not believe Hoboken is best served by one party rule and I think it is important for both Democrats and Republicans to get involved in their communities and local committees are just one way to do so. Here is the note from Diana Davis, Chair of the Republicans of Hoboken......

Dear Neighbor,

Tomorrow is Primary Election Day in the State of New Jersey. In addition to electing candidates to run on the Republican ticket for Congress and County Sheriff, the party will also be electing candidates to serve on the party’s committee throughout the state. Each voting district can elect individuals that will constitute the leadership of the Republican Party on the municipal, county, and state levels for the next two years.

Republicans of Hoboken was founded this year as an organization dedicated to advancing our party’s candidates and ideals. To further that end, we are running a slate of candidates to serve on the municipal Republican committee. Committee members are charged with the task of interacting with their neighbors on matters of local concern. They are also responsible for coordinating get out the vote efforts during election season.

For tomorrow’s primary, we urge fellow Republicans to support our slate of committee candidates in column G. Additionally, we are also proud to announce our support for and endorsement of Henrietta Dwyer for 13th Congressional District and Juan Perez for Hudson County Sheriff. In a short amount of time, our growing organization has accomplished a great deal. With your support tomorrow we will continue to build a Republican Party that is visible and competitive here in Hoboken.


Diana Davis, Chair
Republicans of Hoboken
P.O. Box 5041
Hoboken, New Jersey 07030



Ward - District

1 - 3 Francis and Augusta Pryzgoda
1 - 4 Matt Meistrich (write-in)
1 - 5 Nancy Coleman (write-in)
1 - 6 Jerry and Elizabeth Forman
1 - 7 Dave Dening
2 - 1 Scott Siegel
2 - 3 Bill Tobias and Leila Safa (write-in)
3 - 1 Beth Ravalico
3 - 4 John Forsman and Kathlyn Tucker
3 - 5 Elizabeth and Leonid Markevitch
4 - 2 Peter Morgan and Kerry Cowart
4 - 3 James Sanford
5 - 2 Peter Rozano
5 - 3 Angelo Valente and Carrie Stefani
5 - 5 Dave Small (write-in)
5 - 6 Sean McLaughlin and Beth Hamburger
5 - 7 Brandon Finn (write-in)
6 - 3 Diana C. Davis
6 - 4 Chris Carbine and Jane Arsenault
6 - 5 Denis Harte
6 - 6 Edward Liva (write in)
6 - 7 Donald O'Sullivan and Connie Allen

My comment: Dave Dening in Ward 1 District 7, Scott Siegel in Ward 2 District 1 and Bill Tobias in Ward 2 District 3 are people who I know as well their contributions to the local scene which transcend political ideological differences on national policies. If I were a registered Republican they would have my support based on their dedication and consistency on local issues. ◦