Monday, June 7, 2010

One Mother of a ship - The Queen Mary 2 on the Hudson/East River

Six times per year the Queen Mary 2 ports at the Brooklyn piers to offload and on load passengers and supplies. I was lucky enough to catch it at port in the morning and departing for mother England in the evening on the way home from work. Let me tell you, it is one mother of a ship.

The Queen Mary 2 at port in Brooklyn

The Queen Mary 2 heading out to sea

It should be noted that The Queen Mary II is not the largest cruise ship in the world anymore. At 1,181 feet long and 225,282 gross tons the Oasis of the Seas from Royal Caribbean International is the top dog in who can build the largest cruise ship arms race. When it launched in 2003 the Queen Mary was the largest cruise ship at the time with a length of 1,132 ft. and a gross tonnage of 148,528.

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