Monday, June 7, 2010

Coors Light and the HHA - Does this Make sense?

Update at 4:55PM:

I recieved this update from Jake Stuiver HHA Commissioner regarding this matter:

"As a Housing Authority commissioner, I take any and all allegations that anything improper is occurring on my watch extremely seriously.

Director Garcia has told me the banner stems from a charity softball tournament through the Circulo de Pordibo not-for-profit adult semi-pro softball league, which benefits the Police Athletic League. Normally, the organization holds its popular, well-attended tournaments at the high school, but this year they hosted a charity tournament on the Housing Authority ball field, co-sponsored by the Travel Car Service. Big Banner, the mini-market across the street from the ball field, has connections with many liquor vendors and frequently has Coors Light sponsor free banners for Housing Authority-related activities, and for public figures involved with events in the neighborhood. Their emblem has appeared alongside the names of numerous other public officials, across the political spectrum.

This particular banner was a gift of the softball organization to welcome people to the tournaments. It wasn’t purchased with any Housing Authority funds or intended to promote the Executive Director. It was intended as a welcome for tournament participants onto HHA property. The Executive Director is the CEO of the Housing Authority, so his name happened to appear in a large font. I’m not sure exactly who made a decision to print it that way or why, but I do not believe there was any wrongful intent. The banner was slated to come down today, as the tournament is over. We have received absolutely no complaints from any residents about this banner, or any other".

- Jake

My comment: Hopefully that clears things up a bit. I didn't necessarily think that there was any impropriety it just struck me as odd that the Coors Light logo was on the banner after there has been a health fair in the 4th Ward projects just a few weeks ago.

Original Post 6/7/2010 9:50AM: I received several photos of this over the weekend in response to a new banner ad appearing in the Housing Authority sponsoring Coors Light. Does this make sense to co-mingle beer ads and official HHA business ? Of course Coors could be providing the HHA with revenue so that could be a good thing in terms of revenue. Maybe another beer would be more appropriate like Colt 45 which thanks to Billy D Williams and other marketing has its appeal in project areas? Chime in your thoughts below....