Sunday, December 19, 2010

Holiday Season Gift Giving (Vote Buying) from the Mason Russo Axis of Obstruction

The political gifts are being doled out this holiday season from both Beth Mason and Mike Russo. We know where the likely source of the money Beth Mason was using to indulge the neighborhood this holiday season; that being a big fat check from her husband Ricky who profits from the struggling economy quite greatly these days. My question is: Where did the money come from for all this for the Russo's? If it's the Russo's money, wouldn't this be better spent paying back the Russo debt to the city? Instead it would appear that Michael' is spending this money on votes for the upcoming election.

Beth Mason was making her rounds uptown leaving a bunch of these flower pots at Sparrow's this weekend.

One reader sent me this picture with comment: "Sparrow's wine told me (shaking his head)
Beth Mason left a bunch of these flower pots for customers. Guess it's election season."

On Friday a Hoboken resident noticed boxes of poinsettias being packed floor-to-ceiling into Russo's Civic Association Clubhouse. Matt Callicio and Michele "Mama" Russo were helping with the move with Michael "Baby Doc" Russo presiding inside. The resident wondered what they were going to do with them all. Saturday morning the observer found found out where two of them went: on the doorstep of a Third Ward residence. Presumably the rest have been distributed to other Hoboken residents.

From the Mike Russo Civic Association which politicizes Halloween events for children,
to the door step of a member of "La Familia"

Lucky pointsettia recipient in the 3rd Ward courtesy of "Mikie Squared" Russo