Monday, December 20, 2010

Video - Lane Bajardi and more race baiting and cultural division on display

Lane Bajardi's race baiting, negative and incendiary culture war tactics continued at the Hoboken City Council meeting 12/15/2010. In this clip Lane Bajardi who resides at 70 Park Avenue, right next to the Municipal Garage (in case you were looking for a place to throw your old rotten eggs. Just kidding by the way, the Hoboken Journal does not advocate hooliganism, that was mastered in full effect by Timothy Occhipinti's campaign at times), goes over his usual rant about the Zimmer Administration and towards the end implies that people with vowels at the end of their name somehow are  inferior (as perceived by the supporters of the Zimmer Administration). His remarks got a few hissing sounds which were gavelled down by Carol Marsh in one of her last moments as City Council President now that the "new majority" has changed the rules in their power grab to make Beth Mason City Council President.

Here is Lane doing what he does best spewing contempt at the 12/15/2010 Hoboken City Council meeting: