Saturday, January 22, 2011

Alte Deutsche Bäckerei (Old German Bakery) is Open!

Old German Bakery
Business Type: German Bakery, Coffee shop
Address: 332 Washington Street
Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: 201-683-8644
Fax: 201-683-8643

There is a new bakery in town and it is German. Based on initial feedback from several customers it is dammed good as well. Prost! For those of you who a tried of the lines at Carlo's Bakery I have news for you there is a bit of a line at Hoboken's newest bakery that opened up just this morning. The owners had a sign outside thanking customers for their patience in waiting for their grand opening. Question: Why is it always so difficult for new businesses to open up in this town?  What is so "special" about Hoboken that it always seems take businesses s long to pen up their stores? I hope the new owner whose name I believe is Aslin Takici can make a go of it and thrive despite delays in opening.

The customers that were there seemed very happy that Hoboken finally has a real German bakery in town. the buzz leading up to this establishments opening was evident to some extent on the social media websites. I did not sample anything yet as I have dietary restrictions on bread and sweets but reader Tara emailed me that she tried a white bread roll (looks like 2 small tennis balls joined together) just with butter which was delicious. She also tried a slice of cherry cake which she also found to be quite delicious.

Below are some photos of Hoboken's latest establishment:

The "Old Country" uniforms add to the German charm
They have coffee too!
And cake (Kuchen)! Yum
And Bread (Brot)
Und mehr Kucken!  (and more cake)
Holy diabetics nightmare Batman! More cake! Yum!
These cakes look unglaublich (unbelievable)!