Saturday, January 22, 2011

Hoboken Journal NFL Championship Sunday Predictions

Yes folks, by attempting to predict the outcome of this Sunday's I am also prognosticating who will be playing in the Superbowl. My picks are that the Jets and the Packers will move on tomorrow and face each other in the Superbowl in two weeks. Keep in mind that I am having a lousy post-season in calling these contests and my record is currently 2-6 straight  up without respect to points. Four of my loses have been to the very same two teams that I have incorrectly called the loser in the last two weeks of NFL playoff action. Not any more! These to teams have finally earned my respect and I see them advancing so they can be in house when Fergie of the Black Eyed Peas has a half-time wardrobe malfunction.:)

Green Bay Packers vs. Chicago Bears at 3:00PM

There is an awful lot of chatter about the filed conditions at Chicago Bears Stadium. What will matter is the talent level at the QB position and that nod goes to Green Bay given the recent performances of Aaron Rogers. His performance against Atlanta last week was one of the best ever for the playoffs. Jay Cutler has a great arm and has a solid defense behind him but the talent of the Green Bay QB will prove too much for Chicago regardless of the field conditions. Green Bay is a favorite of the pundits and also is the leader in the simulations as a solid favorite. I have this game going as follows....

My Prediction: Green Bay 31 Da Bears  21

New York Jets vs. Pittsburgh Steelers at 6:30PM

One of the key match ups will be who covers the speedy wide-out Mike Wallace of Pittsburgh.Will it be Revis or Cromartie? The Jets will blitz "Big Ben" and he will make some plays but if the Jets defense can disrupt him enough they could pull up the upset victory. The Steelers are favored and could have easily lost their last game against Baltimore. Mark Sanchez already has 4 career playoff wins and I think he has enough in him to get number 5. I don't want to scare Jets fans but so far every time I predicted the Jets to lose they won. Let us hope the converse isn't true. This time the Jets go to the big dance. Rex Ryan's big flapping mouth finally delivers the real results that Jets fans have been waiting for: a return to the Superbowl. Can't Wait!

My Prediction: Jets 28 Steelers 21
Also worth noting, 2nd Ward candidate Tom Greaney who is running against Beth Mason has both the Jets and Packers advancing as well. Hopefully my prognostication in the arena of Hoboken politics is stronger than my ability to predict NFL playoff games this year because I think we have a real winner in Tom Greaney. Of course elections like football games have uncertain outcomes.

Feel free to make your picks below.... ◦