Sunday, January 23, 2011

Reader Infotainme and his Sunday NFL Predictions

Reader Infotainme chimes in with his picks on today's NFL games:

Bears / Packers

I am genetically incapable of picking against the Bears. Especially when playing the Packers. When I was a boy the parish priest would mention the Bears in his sermon and pray for them. Jack Brickhouse, who did the Cubs on TV, called the Bears games on radio. I remember watching Payton going for 275 yards against Minnesota on the little black and white TV in m dad's office. I still think Payton is the greatest player in the history of the league, and the 1985 Bears are the greatest team.

No city loves sports more than Chicago and has less to show for it. With few exceptions, Chicago's few champions have been head and shoulders above their competetion. The '85 Bears shut out both NFC playoff opponents on their way to a crushing 46-10 Superbowl win. Jordan's Bulls, winners of 6 NBA titles, never played a 7th game in the finals. Alas, what Chicago contenders have not been good at is pulling off suprises. They are either much better than the competition or fall predictably short (1969, 1984, 1989, 2003 Cubs, 2006 Bears).

Most people give them little chance today. With New England out of the playoffs, the Packers are "the smart pick," which you can hear made day and night and day on TV, radio, and probably in church. Better QB - takes fewer dumb chances; better defense, especially secondary; better pass rush without needing to blitz. The Bears may run the ball better, but have been stopped by worse defenses. And Kuhn is a load and may be a major factor in the game for Green Bay. The weather won't bother Green Bay. All true. Bears 26, Packers 24.

Jets / Steelers

Rex has now proved he's stupid like a fox. 2 weeks in a row he has lured hall of fame quarterbacks into playing his game. Now he goes against the 2nd best broken play quarterback in the league (Rodgers is better), ie, Rex can call the right play, it can seem to work, but Roethlisberger may still get away and find a receiver. It's also very hard to beat a really good team twice in a short span of time unless you're a great team. And there are no great teams this year. So normally I would say Steelers 20, Jets 17.

But, then again if the Bears lose, which every analyst assures me will happen, I will be desperate for my 2nd favorite team to get back to the Superbowl before Namath gets any more drunk and disorderly. That's also Info Jr.'s team big-time. Ergo... Jets 20, Steelers 17.

Editor's note: Infotainme is 6-2 this postseason and I am 2-6. If you were to defer to any of the two of us on our picks (not that I expect you would) I would of course give the nod to Info. He is on a hot streak! Vegas baby! Vegas! ◦