Sunday, January 23, 2011

Editorial Two Hoboken Parents love Hoboken High School

Here is a editorial from two parents about their praise for Hoboken High School:

Dear Editor:

We are writing to tell everyone what a great experience we are having at Hoboken High School. We felt the need to write because there are such mixed messages in the community about the school, some negative and we want to tell of our wonderful experience.

Our child attended a charter school in Hoboken from Kindergarten through 8th Grade and like many other parents, we then began the search for a high school. We visited many, including High Tech and County Prep. Although we had heard some negative, sometimes scary (and generally unsubstantiated) chatter regarding Hoboken High School, we decided to visit during a Community Tour and see for ourselves.

We were very impressed with all three High Schools, and were most certainly not disappointed with Hoboken High School. The administrators we met at the Hoboken High School during our tour, along with those staff members that were available, were very candid and forthcoming and had meaningful answers to all of our questions. The tour was conducted while school was in session, so not all staff members were available, but it was a great opportunity to see the staff and students interact.

We enrolled our daughter in Hoboken High School at the beginning of the 2010-11 school year and she is thriving. She is doing very, very well in school (almost straight A's) and really is getting a lot out of it. We have met every one of her teachers and they all seem to be very dedicated and sincerely interested in our child's (and all their student's) progress and success at Hoboken High and beyond. We are at a loss to understand the negative view of Hoboken High School, our experience has been nothing but positive! If you have a chance, go see for yourself, there is nothing to fear. The school is wonderful and the staff is exceptionally dedicated. I would recommend the Hoboken High School to anyone.


Steven Jay Feinstein & Janis Feinstein

My comment: Our public schools need our support. This is great to hear two parents having a positive experience for their child and her education. ◦