Monday, January 31, 2011

Eric Kurta Saves the Day Again! More Shoveling in First Ward

A resident in the First Ward just sent me an email stating that Eric Kurta shoveled out more crosswalks in his Ward today. He had helped in other wards with me including the 5th and the 3rd and now he is taking care of matters in his own ward the 1st as well.

Here is his note to me:

'Eric just shoveled out the crosswalks (in all directions) at 1st and Grand, 1st and Clinton, 1st and Willow, 1st and Park and 1st and Garden..."

Collage of Eric Kurta's snow removal efforts over the last several days.

My comment: I admire Eric Kurta for his dedication to addressing this issue as a volunteer. Besides he is also demonstating personal fiscal prudence as who needs to buy a gym membership if they are doing all that shovelling? Concern: Doesn't he have a campaign to run? ◦