Monday, January 31, 2011

Hoboken Snow Shovel Volunteers Group- Rory Chadwick to organize

Shovel out Hoboken! Rory joins the call!
I had previously done a a post where I suggested that anyone interested in helping out shovel corners a bit to drop me a line at No worries on duplication of effort since it will be apparent what needs to be shovelled out.

Reader and Hoboken Rory Chadwick at the has also done the same. Since Rory is most likely available during parts of the day and my efforts are confined to either nights or weekends give consideration to reaching out to him in addition to myself if you can give the time.

Here is the post from the The Bokenonline:

"I am starting up a Hoboken Snow Shovel Volunteers Group. With the past storms and few more to likely come, especially mid week upcoming I would like to see if anyone would like to join me in helping others that need the help the most. There are a lot of seniors and those with disabilities in Hoboken that can not perform and or afford to pay others to do the shoveling.

The group will focus on digging out those with handicapped parking spots, elderly residents with stoops and stairs, businesses owned by the elderly and more.

You can help for 5 minutes or help for the day. Please if you are interested email me at When a storm hits I will email everyone and we can go out as groups or alone and help. Together as residents we can make a difference and help those in need.


- Rory Chadwick

Here is the link to the re posted story on The Bokenonline: