Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Good Morning Snowboken! Roads look pretty good

I am happy to report that the Hoboken roads I saw this morning are looking pretty good. Granted this storm is nothing in comparison to the last one which saw blizzard conditions, a Mile Square Towing meltdown, bad timing due to the holidays and a hell of a lot more snow. Still, the plows were out early and often last night and with their blades down. Kudos the the plowmasters and shovelers who worked for the City of Hoboken over night and to the Administration for a better response in albeit less taxing conditions.

Mayor Dawn Zimmer was on Twitter as of 5:00 am this morning. She thanked Hoboken residents for moving their cars so that emergency routes could be cleared and at around 9:00 am thanked the City of Hoboken Snow Team and encourgaed residents to clear their sidewalks by noon today.

Here are a few photos I took this morning:

Tweet this Mike Novak! Washington Street is looking good at 8:30am this morning.

The US Postal Office at 8th and Washington provides us an example of a well
shovelled out business at 8:35 am this morning.
Here is an example of a small business that has not had a chance yet to shovel. If more snow fell like the last storm this would be a concern since residents would walk in the street on Washington Street as they did last time. Not the best situation for pedestrian safety; after all it is all about the people.  Residents have until 6 hours after the cessation of snow to shovel their sidewalks by City Ordinance and I belive that applies to businesses as well.
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