Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Hoboken Interim Superintendent Peter Carter's Final BOE meeting remarks

Hoboken Interim Superintendent Peter Carter's gave his final formal remarks at what should be his last night's regularly Scheduled meeting BOE meeting on 1-11-2011. He handed out his prepared words which are mostly word by word what he said at the meeting. Hoboken should be thankful for the service Peter Carter provided the school board on the whole and his contributions to cleaning up the School's finances, procedures and above all curriculum.Here are his remarks below.....


Let me say that just one more time, just so we all remember it, "GOOD EVENING, HOBOKEN."

Well, this is it, I think. Actually, for real this is my final public meeting with you in my role as Interim Superintendent of Schools, and probably my final stint as an interim superintendent. It is time for this 66-1/2 old administrator to enjoy some elongated time as a man of leisure.

In July of 2009, I was appointed by the Hoboken Board of Education to serve the community and its children for a period of one year, while a search was conducted for a successor superintendent. Well as several of my high school teachers would attest, math is not my strong suit, so to differentiate between twelve and eighteen obviously was a challenge for me. As I have stated on the website, it has been my pleasure to provide the leadership deserved by the 2500 boys and girls who attend the public schools, and the 400 adults who work here. I shall long remember my long twelve months as your interim superintendent, with positive thoughts.

Peter Carter gives his final remarks at last night's Hoboken BOE meeting.

My partner, Walter Rusak, and I wish you only the best as the successor administration soon comes forward to continue what we have begun, and proceed so much further than we have been able to do. In order to afford the district the least amount of disruption, and insure a smooth transition, Mr. Rusak, whom I quietly thank daily for his expertise and leadership, and periodically even aloud, has generously agreed to remain for a month or so as the Acting Superintendent, pending of course Board action this evening. In fact, ladies and gentlemen, can we offer a round of applause for the person who actually makes it happen on a day today basis here in Hoboken, Mr. Walter Rusak.

I shall be around "behind the curtain" as it were to help out both Mr. Rusak and also Dr. Toback as a consultant on a part time basis where and when necessary. A special word of thanks is due to Mr. Michael Donow, my other partner, for his contribution to the successes of this administration, and to Mr. Timothy Calligy who rose to the occasion and became a team member with us over these many months. AND to all of you and the staff of the Hoboken Public Schools, not to mention our Crossing Guards and other Police Personnel who keep us safe, and city officials who assist us, I say a great big THANK YOU.Our goal this evening is to beat the snow, so I am ending my remarks at this point, and asking the Interim Business Administrator to also be as brief as possible in order to assist us in meeting this goal, as he has miraculously done with all of our fiscal goals in his fourteen months thus far. Would you please join me in thanking Mr. Robert Davis for his tremendous contribution to the district in fixing an area which believe me was extremely broken.

Mr. Davis ....................

- End of Peter Carter's remarks

Later on in the meeting BOE President Rose Markle presented Peter Carter with two small gifts paid for by individuals on the board as shown below to show their appreciation for his service to Hoboken....

Peter Carter gets a Hoboken Red Wings blanket

... and a Hoboken Red Wings shirt as well.