Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Hoboken Cove and 1600 Park Public Meeting Recap - A Model of Community Input

I was able to attend a porting of the Hoboken Cove and 1600 Park Community meeting last night at the Rue School at 3rd and Garden Street. There were opening remarks and then as usual the session as many others broke out into separate tables where citizens could leave comments as to what they want to see for these parklands.

There were people from the Hoboken boathouse to represent their concerns of the as well as public space advocates such as Jim Vance, Keith Furman, and Jim Doyle just to name a few.

Helen Hirsh complained at the Hoboken City Council meeting last night that there was no comprehensive plan presented at this meeting. That much is true but what Helen forgets or seems to not understand is that if the Administration presented as plan without public input there will be cries from the Mason/Russo axis of temporary power that there is no transparency. When it comes to transparency and public input, this meeting had plenty of public comments left in the form of post it notes. The process to date had been the City will review these comments, consolidate those ideas, and hopefully consider as many of them as practically possible in an initial plan. A draft plan will then eventually be presented back to the community at some point later this year.

Hoboken Cove and 1600 Park.

Different options for park accessories like pavers, lights, lampposts and benches to just name a few.

Overhead view of the two proposed parks.

Decent turnout given multiple political events on this night like Ramos and Sticks Party and the
emergency City Council Meeting

Holy cow Batman! Public feedback and transparency part one!

Holy double cow Batman! Public Feedback and transparency part two!

Holy triple cow Batman! Public Feedback and transparency part three!

Hoboken Patch was on the scene and did a comprehensive story and has become Hoboken's most complete news website in my humble opinion (as opposed to the false claims of Hoboken411 of holding such a title). The link to the well written story is below: