Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Hoboken Police Department - Man Caves

Last night at the parking lot of the Hoboken Police Department Headquarters, an episode of the TV show "Man Caves" which airs on the DIY network ( was being filmed. Leopard films is the production company. Nick Rigg is the President of Leopard Films and his profile is at: One of Hoboken's finest was being filmed for the production seen putting together a piece of furniture. The question of the day is what was the process to be selected as Hoboken's representative from the HPD on the TV show? You know how Beth Mason will rattle on about transparency if there isn't a whole string of documentation and public announcements (just kidding). Secondly, was this person on duty while filming the production? The Cake Boss better watch out, there is a new show in town and it is packing heat! :)

On the set of Man Caves in the HPD HQ parking lot.

Closeup! Build that bookcase! I guess the HPD was short an officer last night.

Hoboken goes Hollywood!