Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Stop Vote By Mail Fraud in Hoboken

Joint Post from the Hoboken Journal and Mile Square View Blogs:

Last November Hoboken held an important special election for the 4th ward City Council seat on November 2, 2010. Concerns about election fraud were expressed over months by both the Hoboken Journal and Mile Square View even before the first machine votes were tallied. The subsequent criminal referrals generated from this special election require more than awaiting the results kicked up to the Hudson County Prosecutor's Office and the New Jersey Attorney General's Office of Paula Dow.

As there has been no public update regarding the open criminal referrals, MSV and the Hoboken Journal ask concerned residents to express their support for a full and complete investigation beyond the multiple problems uncovered by the cursory investigation of the Hudson County Board of Elections.

Please express your desire for a full investigation to both the Hudson County Prosecutor's Office in the name of Edward De Fazio and also New Jersey Attorney General Paula Dow via their contact information shown below.

Thank you.


Email Edward De Fazio:
Website form:
Phone the NJ Attorney General's office: (609-292-4925)