Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Hoboken Snow Storm Initial Photos

Here are some initial photos from Hoboken's first real snow storm of 2011. There could be quite the accumulation of snow and the good news is it is not vacation season and the plows are so far out early and often.

Church Square Towers in the Storm- not your average Russo controlled snow job!

Hoboken street-scape in the snow #1

Church Square Towers Parking lot- Not all of these snow covered cars are Mercedes! Just kidding!:)

Another Russo dominated Church Square "Tower of Power" in the snow storm.

Snow covered recyclables!

Our Lady of Grace Church from Church Square Park

Statue in snow at Church Square Park

The mini pavilion at Church Square Park

Very little traffic at 11:30 PM. Hoboken street-scape #2.

Church Square Park trees trimmed last year.

One of many plows out on the street tonight and early!

More plows Batman! Another one out on the street tonight and early!

Well plowed Washington Street as of 1-11-2010 at 11:45PM (so far)