Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Years False Alarm at Bahama Mamas in Hoboken to Start New Year

Shortly after midnight January 1, 2010 there was a false alarm at Hoboken venue Bahama Mamas on Washington Street. It was likely caused by a fog machine setting off the smoke detectors but I am not 100% sure. The establishment was temporarily evacuated leading to a festive street scene at around 12:15-12:45PM last night. Below is a video of the Hoboken Fire Department response and outside crowd aftermath.

Later on that evening when walking home I spotted a woman in a Winnie the Pooh "Tigger" costume being playfully groped by a few of her friends all in jest. It is not every day you see a tiger being dry humped on Washington Street. Sorry, due to technical difficulties I am unable to show you any images of this simulated animal porn. :) Other than that it seemed fairly tame for a New Years Eve in Hoboken. I was inside before 2 am so it is possible that something happened later. ◦