Sunday, January 2, 2011

Tom Greaney Kickoffs New Year with Great Core Political Support

Yesterday at the home of Cindy Cray, Tom Greaney, 2nd Ward City Council Candidate had a get together with over 60 people in attendance. At times Cindy Cray's flat on Bloomfield was a bit crowded (this giant has a tendency to be a bit claustrophobic) but the food and company were great. Tom was very happy with the turnout as well as the magnificent spread put out by uber-host Cindy Cray. Quite a few core 2nd Ward residents were in attendance in addition to Dawn Zimmer's at large slate of Carol Marsh, Ravi Bhalla and Dave Mello. Editor's note: I did not take pictures of 2nd Ward Residents in support of Tom to protect them from potential attacks from Beth Mason's camp. Based on previous history, the ever Machiavellian Beth Mason will likely employ a no holds barred campaign going after not only Tom but his supporters as well and it is too early in the campaign to give Beth Mason any easy information for Mason minion Lane Bajardi and his ilk to mull over. These are happy times and I don't want the Mason411 attack squad to get any ammo just yet.

This event was not a fundraiser but simply a gathering of politically minded residents who want to see the march towards good government continue. It is telling that Tom will get support from both Hoboken party chairs and I can not emphasize enough the importance of getting both party chairs to support him. Tom will shoot his first video next week and announce formally sometime thereafter the following week. He will likely be outspent by Beth Mason by a wide margin but many feel money can't buy the 2nd Ward election. Some people think Beth's husband Ricky Mason will cut her a check for up to $500,000 but any amount of money spent can't take away the erosion of her base that Beth has done through her own actions, lack of good policy, obstructionism and political pandering.

One resident (name witheld for her own protection) who used to be a very close friend of Beth Mason's and is now supporting Tom Greaney remarked that "Beth and I used to speak regularly and now we don't even talk at all". It would appear the Beth Mason's grab for power has taken quite the toll on her personal relationships as well.

Any way you slice it, Tom Greaney is off to a very good political new year. The road ahead will not be easy but with Tom's real and extensive corporate experience, his disposition, sensibility and grace he is strong candidate with a very good chance of winning come May should he get his name out there an execute a positive and professional campaign.

Both Party Chairs say Vote for Tom Greaney From left to right: Ravi Bhalla, Hoboken Democratic Committee Chair (he beat Ines Garcia-Keim 38-27) and Hoboken City Councilman at Large,Tom Greaney 2nd Ward Councilman challenging the seat of Beth Mason, and Diana Davis Hoboken Republican Chair.

Tom Greaney (center) listens to Greg Lincoln (left) and Rami Pinchevsky (right) on the issues. Rami Pinchevsky is strongly considering a run for 4th Ward City Council in May to challenge Tim Occhipinti. He has not filed as of yet but appears ready to embark upon a campaign very soon.

Tom Greaney shows that he is indeed useful in the kitchen and certainly more handy than a spatula by carving the turkey at the event in his honor. Tom will very likely show the residents of the 2nd Ward he can "cut it" come May. I have little doubt.

Hostess with the mostest Cindy Cray put out this wonderful spread of food for Tom's meet and greet.