Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Photo of the Day - Wall Street

Today's photo of the day is of Wall Street. Wall Street is the  iconic American street that gives the political right in America a big hard on and draws the ire of the far left of America such as shown in several movies by filmmaker and muckraker Michael Moore. Thought for the day: Can't a balance be struck between ambition (greed) and compassion? The whole country can't go around living like Jesus (wearing sandals and wandering the desert with no commerce) or the whole economy would collapse. Perhaps a better balance can be struck. Capital markets helped create the standard of living we have today. Without the financial structures we have in place we would not be living in an industrial society and enjoying its benefits in terms of standard of living. Still, these structures can be exploited and have been as evidenced by the latest financial collapse and lingerng recovery. That balance is a goal that I would like to see more of. The balancing act of being more compassionate while making sure you have the abilty to pay for it responsibly. Social safety nets must be in place as the American collective moral conscience requires that but their existence should not potentially bankrupt the country. Locally, that means making sure that City jobs provide a service and are not there for make work or political handouts. So endeth the sermon.