Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Richard Tremitiedi is Sworn in as Hoboken Zoning Officer!

Joe Crimmons, Irene Smith and new board member and 4th Alternate Richard Tremitiedi are sworn in last night to the Hoboken Zoning Board. Joe Crimmons and Irene Smith were reappointed and this is Richard's first time on the board. Congtulations to Richard Tremitiedi!

Richard dropped this email when he got appointed and he was as surprised as I was about his selection:

Hope all is well, missed you at the meeting. I was surprised with the appointment and FYI, the vote was 6-3 with Castellano, Russo & Occchipinti voting No! I used the existing process and applied via the city clerks office and noticed on the application that I had experience in previously serving on a zoning board (Weehawken), hold a valid NJ Construction Official and NJ Fire Sub-Official License, served a Fire Chief, and due to my lifetime residence [mostly Hoboken and always in Hudson County] know our development and density priorities.

Of course, I am well aware the this position calls for one to promote public health, safety, general welfare and be actively informed of the day to day problems facing the City of Hoboken.

As you know, I try to get the council to work together in the best interests of Hoboken.

Take care.