Saturday, January 29, 2011

Photos and Videos from 3rd Street Snow Removal in Hoboken

Today, the City of Hoboken was working at clearing both 1st and 3rd streets. I went down with both Eric Kurta and Juan Melli to check it out and help a bit shoveling out corners. Eric Kurta had helped me in my ward earlier today clearing out the Corner Car spot at 8th and Garden. I also ran into Joel Mestre of OEM and officer Vince Lombardi and got a heads up of how they were handling this operation,.

Below are some photos of the City of Hoboken and contractors clearing 3rd Street with some volunteers as well. Kudos to all who put in the OT or volunteered. Kudos again to Eric Kurta who is human after all. After about 4 solid hour of shoveling he went home. I guess he is not a robot after all. Someone get that man some Advil. He deserves it.