Sunday, February 13, 2011

Hoboken HS Earns 2 National Excellence Awards at Harvard Model Congress San Francisco

More good news about the Hoboken High School. The debate rages on about how to fix our Public Schools but at least here is an example of achievement in our High Schools that can happen when dedicated  parents work with teachers and Administrattors to help their kids get the most out of public schools.

Hoboken HS Earns 2 National Excellence Awards at Harvard Model Congress San Francisco

Francis Howitt and Alexandra Yoon-Hendricks
National Excellence Award Winners
Hoboken High School junior Francis Howitt and freshman Alexandra Yoon-Hendricks won national Excellence Awards at the 2011 Harvard Model Congress in San Francisco at the conference in January. Howitt and Yoon-Hendricks, along with 10 members of the Hoboken High School team, portrayed members of the United States government.

In his role as Democratic Representative Henry C. Johnson Jr. from Georgia, Howitt debated and drafted legislation within the Committee of Energy and Commerce. Yoon-Hendricks excelled in the role of Democratic Senator Jim Webb of Virginia in the Committee on Environment and Public Works.

The American government simulation is entirely organized and run by Harvard University students whose aim is to encourage high school students to get involved in their communities and the political process. Over 300 students from high schools from around the nation take part in the four day conference.

Group shot: (left to right) Amanda Bradley, Krystal Barragan, Bryan Vega, James Fisher, Paula Velasquez, Micheal Burns, Barbara Schaefer, Duke McCourt, Alice Lichtchouk, Alexandra Yoon-Hendricks, Francis Howitt, Jazmin Zikri
On their morning off, students toured the city of San Francisco and traveled to Muir Woods to experience the Redwoods of northern California.

Golden Gate Bridge in the background with the HHS 2011 HMC partcipants enjoying the view and their achievement.

Hoboken High School Harvard Model Congress 2011:
Barbara Schaefer Micheal Burns
James Fisher
Francis Howitt
Alice Lichtchouk
Frances “Duke” McCourt
Bryan Vega
Paula Velasquez
Jazmin Zikri
Amanda Bradley
Krystal Barragan
Alexandra Yoon-Hendricks

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