Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Hoboken's Waterfront Issues Featured in the New York Times

On February 7th, The New York Times did a story on Hoboken's waterfront and the issues that the City of Hoboken is having to cope with in terms of infrastruture failures and a potential $20 million price tag. It is good to see this story in such a respected newspaper such as the New York Times that is not in bed with the Hoboken elements of "old guard" patronism and media co-optation.

Pier A Park - Needs repairs already!

Below are two key quotes from the article:

Quote from Dawn Zimmer:

"Our waterfront is the treasure of Hoboken, one of the basic pieces of our economy,” said Dawn Zimmer, who has been mayor of the New Jersey city since 2009. “Having to make major repairs to things that are barely 10 years old was not at all what I expected.”

Quote from Helen Manogue:

“It seems almost criminal that it’s come to this,” said Helen S. Manogue, president of the Hudson River Waterfront Conservancy, which promotes the walkway project. “It seems like nobody allowed for what a brutal environment the river is to build in — not the towns, not the developers"

As Hoboken’s Riverfront Crumbles, the Cost for Repairs Soars - NYT full article: