Friday, February 18, 2011

Know Your Hoboken City Website - The Project Updates Page

The City of Hoboken website is at the url: It has a lot of information for those who are curious about various projects throughout the City of Hoboken. One page that I discovered recently is the "Project Updates" page which has a bunch of articles and announcements on the various initiatives the City of Hoboken is working on. For the naysayers who say our current Mayor isn't accomplishing anything, here is very long list of new items and information that suggest otherwise.

The "Project Updates" page ( on the City of Hoboken website contains information on the following topics:
  • Waterfront/Sinatra Drive Road Collapse
  • Open Space and Parks
  • Sinatra Field & Castle Point Park
  • Pier C
  • 1600 Park/Hoboken Cove/Weehawken Cove
  • Henkel/Cognis Site (potential future park)
  • Maxwell Place Block E - Waterfront Park
  • Maxwell Place Block A - South Lawn
  • 14th Street Viaduct
  • Hudson Place Pedestrian Safety Improvements
  • Newark Street Safety Improvements
  • Observer Highway Safety Improvements
  • 9/11 Memorial
  • Western Edge
  • Southwest Redevelopment
  • Northwest Redevelopment
  • North End
  • NJ Transit
  • Monroe Center
  • Hoboken University Medical Center
  • Municipal Garage
  • Wet Weather Pump/Flooding
  • Transportation & Parking Initiatives
  • Ethics & Reform
  • Recreation Program Initiatives
  • Prescription Discount Card

Check it out for yourself. This page will keep growing.
City of Hoboken Projects Updates Page - a good resource to keep tabs of the various projects throughout the city.