Friday, February 18, 2011

Beth Mason Poll - What will Beth give out for Hoboken St. Patrick's Day Parade?

Here is the latest Beth Mason poll to hit the Hoboken Journal. Beth is running for 2nd Ward City Council for two years. Lets face it, a lowly City Council seat is not what Beth Mason wants. She wants to be Mayor. She wants to be Mayor so bad she was giving out candy hearts and chocolates to would be voters in the 2nd Ward on Valentine's Day. Some people think it is money wasted but others look at it as old school Hudson County politics. One thing I know about Beth is she will be out there on the streets trying to meet as many voters as possible between now and election day. She will be hoping to meet as many taxpayers that are not familiar with her poor anti-taxpayer stances on Church Square Towers and her opposing the police force restructuring as well as her current and quite frankly wretched behavior as sitting City Council President.

Inspired by a reader, I came up with this poll about what Beth Mason might give out during the St. Patrick's Day Parade. All in the spirit of political satire. If you have other ideas about potential gifts put them in the comments below.....