Friday, February 18, 2011

City of Hoboken Announces St. Patrick's Day Information for Residents and Visitors

Information from Hoboken City Hall on the Annual St. Patrick's day parade:


In anticipation of the tens of thousands of visitors expected to converge on Hoboken for the 25th annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade on Saturday, March 5th, the City is taking steps to inform residents and visitors about what to expect.

The parade kick-off is at 1 p.m. from the corner of 14th and Washington Streets and proceeds south on Washington Street until the viewing stand at City Hall.

Zero Tolerance Enforcement

As in past years, the City will issue maximum fines of up to $2,000 plus community service for certain violations. These are the four violations for which law enforcement will enforce a zero tolerance policy: consumption of alcohol/open container in public, urinating in public, maintaining a nuisance (disorderly and unsafe house parties), disorderly conduct & improper behavior.

The City of Hoboken issued more than 500 summonses during the 2010 St. Patrick’s Day, with more than 200 of those required to perform community service.

Getting Here, Parking and Getting Around

Parking is very limited in Hoboken, so we strongly urge visitors to take public transportation. To learn more about public transit options, visit:

Visitors driving into Hoboken should note that on-street parking is limited to 2 hours at any meter and 4 hours at permit parking zones. Moving a vehicle to another location does not reset the 4 hour restriction. The easiest option is to park in a garage. Municipal garages are located at:
  • Garage B - 2nd and Hudson Street
  • Garage D - 215 Hudson Street
  • Garage G - 315 Hudson Street
  • Midtown - 371 4th Street
For more information on municipal parking garages, visit:

Police will be conducting a DWI checkpoint during the weekend. The taxi stand will be temporarily relocated to Vezzetti Way at 8 am.

The entire length of Washington Street and the traversing streets will close to all traffic beginning at 12:30 pm and will remain closed until all bands and groups pass the reviewing stand. The northern end of Washington Street (from 12th Street to 15th Street) will close around 11 am providing an opportunity for bands and groups to assemble for the parade.

Parking Restrictions

Between 7am and midnight on March 5th, there will be no parking permitted on:

  • Hudson Street from Observer Highway to 5th Street (west side)
  • Hudson Place (all)
  • Park Avenue between Observer Highway and Newark Street (west side)
  • Newark Street between Park Avenue and Willow Avenue (both sides)
  • 1st Street from Willow Avenue to River Street (north side)
  • 1st Street from Bloomfield Street to Washington Street (closed to traffic all day)
  • Willow Avenue (west side) (12pm-4pm only)

While Washington Street is closed to traffic for the parade, buses will be rerouted. Northbound buses that usually travel along Washington will instead turn from Observer Highway onto Park Avenue, left onto Newark Street, then north along Clinton Street. Southbound buses that use Washington Street will travel along Willow Avenue the entire length.

Note To All Vendors

Please make sure you have all your necessary licenses with the City. Health inspectors will be checking for paperwork.

Please visit the City’s St. Patrick’s Day information page for updated information at