Saturday, February 12, 2011

Maoz Vegetarian - Another Healthy Hoboken Eatery - And Kosher Too!

Maoz Vegetarian
Business Type: Restaurant, Fast food, Healthy, Vegetarian
Address: 315 Washington Street
Phone: 201-850-1882

Another healthy Hoboken eatery opened up this week in Maoz Vegetarian located at 315 Washington Street. This was the location previously of Beth Mason's catastrophic third place finish Mayoral run in May of 2009. This chain was originally founded in Amsterdam Holland and has now made its way to Hoboken.

Here is the chain's story:

"The first Maoz restaurant opened in the heart of Amsterdam back in 1991. With the best falafel in town and a tempting fresh salad bar, Maoz drew in locals and world travelers alike, and was soon to become synonymous with outstanding quick vegetarian food.

Since then, Maoz has grown to become an internationally recognized falafel brand, with numerous restaurants in the US and Europe - and more opening all the time. We are dedicated to offering the freshest, heartiest, and most nutritious meal alternative to people, wherever they may be."

I tried their signature sandwich the "Maoz Falafel Sandwich" and the thing I liked about it the most was I was able to add toppings from the toppings bar. Very tasty and the price was right at $5.25. Hoboken eateries are trending a bit healthier these days and that is good for the body and soul. I recommend you try the sandwich if you like falafel. Here are some photos and the menu below.....