Thursday, February 17, 2011

Rami Pinchevsky 4th Ward Council Candidate on Campaign Finance Reform Failure

4th Ward City Council candidate and challenger to Tim Occhipinti, Rami Pinchevsky has this to say over last night's defeat over the campaign finance ordinance...


Hoboken City Council Candidate Rami Pinchevsky on Campaign Finance Reform Failure

Last week, I came out in favor of the campaign finance reform package proposed by Mayor Zimmer. Due to the history of corruption and scandal that have plagued our city government, I am in favor of any measure that empowers local residents and ends politics-as-usual.

Unfortunately, this much needed reform fell victim to the very same politics-as-usual system which has a stranglehold on our city council. Five of the nine city council members effectively said they were ok with letting political candidates accept over $10,000 from a single donor through the practice known as "wheeling" by voting against the measure at the first reading before the council. And why not? It has gotten them this far.

I believe the people of Hoboken are smarter than those councilmembers give them credit for. We know when something isn't right. $10,000 from one person can buy an election - that is not right. Pay-to-play is not right. Nepotism is not right. If our elected officials cannot see this, then we don't need them.

What we need are councilmembers who will fight for the interests of everyone, not just the wealthy or the well connected. What we need are councilmembers who will fight for the public interest, not their own self interest. What we need are councilmembers who will move Hoboken forward - and, that's what I plan to do if elected this May 10th.

-Rami Pinchevsky ◦