Monday, February 7, 2011

You Tube Video- Parking Desperation in Hoboken!

Reader John sent this to me as well as one other website for potential publication. I decided to publish this since it features a scene many of us have probably witnessed this winter with all the snow storms. This video features the voice of John who witnessed a person trying to remove snow and get into a parking spot. Normally this is not too funny but I feel the biting commentary makes it work. Some mad driving also helps the comedic elements of the plot as well.

The lengths that this person went to to get this spot is indicative of how precious a legal on street parking spot is in Hoboken. Thank you Dave Roberts (and others) for the over development.

Warning: This contains foul language so is that is not you cup of tea either don't watch or hit the mute button. I am cognizant that some of my readers are soccer moms. I am also cognizant that some soccer moms I know are not offended by this language but some are and therefore the disclaimer.:)