Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Beth Mason Email Blast - More Image Makeover and Many Petitions = Many Votes?

Congratualtions to Beth Mason for getting what could be a record number of petitions (883) for her City Council re-election efforts. Read her presser below and feel free to comment whether or not her vote total will actually be well below that number or not.

Dear Friend,

I hope this find you well. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your help over the past couple of weeks. As you may know today was the deadline for candidates for City Council to file nominating petitions. This afternoon I filed 883 petitions, which is more than 15 times the amount required to be placed on the ballot. Without your help this would not have been possible. I appreciate your support and now want to ask for your vote on Tuesday May 10th.

Over the past four years we have worked together to continue to move the 2nd Ward in the right direction. From new parks, to the biggest road resurfacing project in 2nd Ward History, to greater access to public records and documents, together we have stood up for good government and the rights of everyday people.

But there is still more work to do. City Hall is still over-charging residents with an inflated tax rate and refuses to return the budget surplus to the people. Instead the surplus is being used to pay for city officials to take lavish trips to Atlantic City, an all inclusive trip to Vancouver for the Director of the Hoboken Parking Utility, and to pay for tuition for unqualified patronage employees.

Sadly, these are just a few examples why I remain steadfast in my belief that a surplus left in the hands of bureaucrats and professional politicians will only be spent on more of the same old waste and patronage. The tax rate should be cut and the surplus should be used to provide property tax relief immediately.

I would also like to take this opportunity to personally invite you to the grand opening of my Re-Election Campaign Headquarters at 1200 Washington Street on Saturday March 19th from 12PM to 2PM. I look forward to see you there as we continue to work together to lower taxes and put people first.

Thank you for your time.
- Beth Mason ◦