Monday, March 14, 2011

Pettition Totals for Good Governance "Slate" are in and City Council Races Set

Today was the deadline for petitions for the City Council races in May and likely June. Here are the petition totals for the loose coalition of independent candidates likley to support most of Mayor Dawn Zimmer's initiatives:

1st Ward - Eric Kurta: 117
2nd Ward - Tom Greaney: 172
3rd Ward - Greg Lincoln: 140
4th Ward - Rami Pinchevsky: 433
5th Ward - Peter Cunningham: 252
6th Ward - Jennifer Giattino: 153

Based on today's filings the 2011 City Council races break out as follows:

3/16/2011 Note: Due to Beth Mason's negatives I would have had Tom Greaney ahead two weeks ago. But Beth's big push for petitions event though many may not be valid indicate to me she has the momentum at this point. Tom Greaney has not increased his profile enough at this point to be considered a front runner.
In late January, The Hoboken Journal had the following posted for potential candidates shown now for historical reference and to demonstrate to readers that this website had it mostly right very early on:

From January 24, 2011.....

"Good Governance" / Reform:

1st Ward - Eric Kurta. Filed.
2nd Ward - Tom Greaney. Filed.
3rd Ward - No one formally/informally declared besides incumbent. Greg Lincoln's name comes up in the discussion.
4th Ward- Rami Pinchevsky. Filed.
5th Ward- Peter Cunningham. Will declare and file soon.
6th Ward - No one formally/informally declared besides incumbent. Joe Bronco is out after giving it consideration. This was on Grafix Avenger blog as well as a good source of mine.

Old Guard / "New Majority":

1st Ward - Terry Castellano, perhaps another resident fom Marine View.
2nd Ward - Beth Mason. Declared.
3rd Ward - Mike Russo, perhaps another long time resident.
4th Ward- Tim Occhipinti. Filed.
5th Ward- Leonard Luizzi (declared), possibly Perry Belfiore, Jason Orlando's wife, Scott Delea, etc.
6th Ward - Nino Giacchi. ◦