Monday, March 28, 2011

Greg Lincoln to Councilman Russo: Explain the Bribe from Solomon Dwek

It would appear with respect to the Russo family, the apple does indeed not fall from the tree. So much for Mike Russo's mantra that he is being punished for the sins of his father. Now he didn't take a bribe from Solomon Dwek in 2009 on behalf of Peter Cammarano, but just agreed to it but chickened out later or smartened up based on daddy's advice as the authors of "The Jersey Sting" assert. Either way, how could anyone in their right mind vote for this guy unless they are on the dole as well?

Here is Greg Lincoln's press release on the topic:


Two investigative reporters from the New Jersey Star-Ledger revealed that in 2009, Councilman Michael Russo agreed to accept a $5,000 bribe in a meeting with Solomon Dwek, an FBI informant. Dwek’s role was pivotal in the FBI sting that brought down former Hoboken Mayor and now convicted felon, Peter Cammarano.

In their book, “The Jersey Sting,” Pulitzer Prize recipients Ted Sherman and Josh Margolin describe the meeting between Councilman Russo and Dwek, which was recorded by the FBI. In the meeting, Councilman Russo tells Dwek he’s a “smart man” for concealing his identity in the deal, and that they will “get along fine.” At the end of their meeting, Councilman Russo is caught on tape agreeing to accept $5,000 from Dwek, with the promise of further payments.

"Peter Cammarano may be in jail for accepting bribes, but sadly, the corruption story in Hoboken is not over. Councilman Russo needs to explain why he agreed to accept a $5,000 bribe, why he refused to answer questions about the incident, and why he never reported it to the authorities," said Greg Lincoln. "This revelation raises many questions, but at least now we know why Councilman Russo refused to ask for Mayor Cammarano to resign and why he didn't want further attention on Hoboken. Councilman Russo needs to explain why he agreed to accept a bribe or remain silent and let the voters of Hoboken end this chapter of corruption once and for all."


The Jersey Sting, by Ted Sherman, Josh Margolin, 2011 - Account of Councilman Russo’s meeting with Solomon Dwek: article by Carly Baldwin, July 28 2009 - Councilman Russo explains why he didn’t call for Peter Cammarano’s resignation:

Here is the passage from "The Jersey Sting" about Mike Russo in 2009:

My comment: Wonder is this story wll be picked up by self-professed credentialed journalist Perry Klaussen over at Beth Mason's smear blog at Hoboken 411? Don't hold your breath, Perry has a thing for Mama Russo and her cabal. ◦