Monday, March 28, 2011

Tapas with Tom Greaney 3-27-2011 at Lolas Hoboken Recap

Yesterday, Sunday March 27th, 2011 from 2-4pm, Tom Greaney held a gathering at Lolas for his first event at a public space since his formal campaign kickoff. Over 40 people were in attendance with a good showing from Hoboken's 2nd Ward in terms of taxpaying residents. Not a bad turnout but it should be noted that many people are coming forward to volunteer for Tom in true grass roots fashion. If Tom is going to in the election against his main challenger Beth Mason, that is how he is going to do it. Here are some photos and a video from the event of the keynote speakers:

Greany on the Door at Lolas

Tom Greaney chats with Carol Marsh and resident as the event starts up.

The fountain at Lolas added an nice ambiance. Too bad campaign money
for Tom Greaney doesn't flow like water.
Tom Greaney and City Councilwoman Carol Marsh.

Tom Speaks to 2nd Ward residents.

Tom Greaney speaks but first is introduced by Carol Marsh:

Also, down Washington Street, Beth Mason held her Budget Surplus Seminar at 1200 Washington Street at 3pm to a paltry crowd of around 10 or so people some of who seemed to be political operatives. I guess people are being tired of being lied to by her continual misstatements on how large the surplus really is. And speaking of 2nd Ward Candidates: Did anyone have a Franz Paezold sighting this weekend? Share your observations in the comments below: ◦