Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Party/Fundraiser for Hoboken’s Future March 17th At Mayor Dawn Zimmer's Home

Here is a message from Mayor Dawn Zimmer about an upcoming fundraiser...

Dear Friends,

It’s time for a celebration of Hoboken and all that it can be in the future, with your help.Come join the party/fundraiser this Thursday at our house for fun with old and new friends who care about our town.
If you can’t make it, then please consider making a donation to help ensure a positive future for our City.

The details:

A Party/Fundraiser for Hoboken’s Future
Thursday, March 17th,
7 – 11 pm
59 Madison Street, Apt. #2 (Dawn & Stan’s house)

Suggested minimum contribution to citywide effort: $250.00 RSVPs appreciated but not required. (Just respond to this email) Click to RSVP

The crucial reasons:

If you care about balanced developed and lower taxes, then this party really is for you.

Signs of overdevelopment with the current Council are all around –This week Councilwoman Castellano even did a 1st Ward mailing with a supportive message and photo of the previous 70-story NJ Transit plan that we all fought AGAINST! (That NJ Transit plan would bring the 1st Ward 50-story residential towers all along Observer Highway).

Her mailing and their vote to kill anti-wheeling legislation, illustrate that we have a Council majority tied to developers, and make it clear that this election is really all about the future of development in our town.

With your help we can win these Council elections. Together, let’s keep moving Hoboken ahead! Thanks!

Dawn ◦