Saturday, May 14, 2011

5th Ward Candidate Scott Delea Sends his Thanks - Mirror Mirror on The Wall....

5th Ward Candidate Scott Delea described here at the Hoboken Journal the "ever evasive enigma" sends his thanks to his supporters in last Tuesday' City Council Race. He came up short on the vote tally to send this election to a runoff  and was purportedly supported by Mike Russo. That support is probably why Scott came in second place this time and that sad sack of bloviating botulistic bombasticism Belfiore came in third. Perry Belfiore really shit the bed this time with his piss poor turnout. Lane Bajardi? Are you reading? Print this article out and put this on your easel weasel!  I made another defecatory reference yet again!

For the record, I am confident that Peter Cunningham did not spend an exorbitant amount of money on his winning campaign. Thus, even in defeat Scott's handlers don't quite present the facts right once again. I for one look forward to participating in his Party with Purpose events from time to time even though I realize that giving to the charities directly is more efficient. After all, Scotty has to get his cut.

The "Hoboken Journal Saturday Thank-a-Thon" continues.....

We had an amazing day on Tuesday and I am so proud of our team. We ran an incredibly strong campaign based upon strong principals and a plan to improve our City.

Despite being vastly overspent and going up against an incumbent councilman backed by the Mayor, we came in a respectable second place out of four candidates and fell short of getting into the runoff by 16 votes.

I stand by my belief that the future of Hoboken lies in our ability to find common ground rather than perpetuate the "us" vs. "them" mentality so prevalent in our City. We ran a clean, honest campaign staffed by a team of hard-working and passionate volunteers who were a cross-section of Hoboken...young, old, rich, poor, born and raised, newcomer and everything in-between. And, thanks to all of you, we were funded by friends, family and other small businesses that recognize the importance of building a stronger community while growing the local economy to create jobs and reduce taxes.

I will continue to stay as committed as ever to making a difference in Hoboken by continuing my work with Party With Purpose, The Boys and Girls Club and creating jobs with my company Inflexion Interactive.

If you have any interest in being involved, please send me an email.

Special thanks to key members of the team including Jason, Eduardo, Jeff, Vincent, Jen, Diane, Lucille, Stacey, Don, Brian, Matt, Ryan M, Ryan, Natalie, Rob, Mario, Tom, Joe C, Joe M, Ethan, Cory, Manny, Jamar and of course my family. You are all incredible people and Hoboken is a better place because of you.

Best wishes to Perry Belfiore, Lenny Luizzi and congratulations to Peter Cunningham.

- Scott ◦