Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Beth Mason Pays Bluewater: With ELEC could be in hot water!

Beth Mason filed her 11-day elec report on May 3rd 2011 and it showed no disbursements since her last filing on May 2nd which was the 29 day pre-election report. Guess what? Both were late? Very late. Just like Beth at meetings. Always late.

You know what else? They were also missing big chunks of consultant dollars on their filings. Beth Mason appears to be using Blue Water Operations to funnel all of her campaign expenses through but the problem is she has not shown a disbursements reported since late March on any of her 2011 campaign ELECS.

Beth Mason's key disbursements to Blue Water Group on NJ ELEC as of 5/10/2011
Again, On her 11-day ELECs filed on May 3rd electronically and signed by her and husband/treasurer Ricky Mason there have been no disbursements reported at all since late March! That smacks against all common sense as numerous observations have been made by constituents that she has paid consultants throughout at least since she opened up her campaign HQ. She has every right to hire campaign staff but she should at least report it. What is Beth Mason hiding from the voters? It turns out that the self-proclaimed queen of transparency isn't that transparent at all!

For those on the fence about who to vote for do consider this that Beth Mason doesn't apparently play by the rules or think you have the right to know who she is paying to run her campaign. At least Tom Greaney has reported his campaign activities honestly.

Beth and Ricky Mason have certified that their report is accurate; see below:

Here is the sign off from Beth and Ricky Mason that there ELEC report is accurate and that they could
be punished if it is not. What punishment do you think they deserve?
I got one: lose the election on the first ballot. That would be a most fitting punishment.

If you are curious to see for yourself, go to: