Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mike Russo Signs Placed Right Next to Polling Stations - Illegal!

Here are some photos of Mike Russo signs sent in by a reader that are plastered all over the Third Ward. Some some were even posted directly in front of the 10 Church Towers polling station. Some good samaritans who attempted to take them down were threatened by thugs from Church Towwers.

Question: Why is Mike Russo not getting his campaign workers to tear down all these obviously illegal signs given that he's claiming that he's no longer corrupt? Hoboken elections are a dirty affair. Looks like Mike Russo has his Thugs R'Us contingent out in full force today.

Campaign signs can't be on utility polls (almost all campaigns violate that rule) but
NJ ELEC laws stipulate no electioneering within 100 feet of any polling place.
A rule the Russo faction seems to have complete disregard for.

Russo will likely take the Ward based on the analysis that his voters will all vote for him. The signs
are more of a sign of his disrespect for the law than any tactic that will turn the election.  

Hey Frank Raia, someone found parking in the Third Ward!