Thursday, May 5, 2011

Hoboken City Council Meeting Video May 4th 2011

Here are the video archives of the last Hoboken City Council meeting before the May 10th election. Since taking power, the current "New Majority" otherwise known as the "Council of No" has turned these meetings into a real obstructionist "shit show" from the moment that Beth Mason was sworn in as City Council President. If you can stomach it, watch below to watch politrickery in full swing and Government inaction and obstructionism elevated to an art form. It starts with the budget getting stuck in subcommittee (a Nino Giacchi specialty) as Beth Mason apparently cut the budget surplus to 0% according to Councilman Cunningham who was gavelled down by Beth Mason the grand suppressor of City Council speech.

Hoboken City Council Meeting May 4th Part 1 of 2:

Hoboken City Council Meeting May 4th Part 2 of 2: