Thursday, May 5, 2011

Peter Cunningham Update from the Campaign Trail: He Warns "Look out for the Mud!"

Here is a note sent yesterday from Peter Cunningham Hoboken's 5th Ward Councilman hitting the home stretch of his campaign:

"OK folks, strap on your high boots, because the mud that is flying is getting quite deep in the 5th Ward. We are focused on reduced taxes, stable finances and the elimination of corruption. The campaign trail has been great, and today I spent a productive, yet rainy, Wednesday at 9th and Willow. Please head to the polls next Tuesday knowing that we are running a respectable campaign and that my allegiance has always been your best interest.

At tonight's council meeting...Council Majority (Mason/Russo) wants to spend all the surplus (surplus numbers that do not exist)...they jeopardized the hospital deal by wanting information that cannot be disclosed with out tremendous risk...beware of selective parking enforcement as Hoboken Police Department may issue ticket if you are parked inside 50 feet (but more than 25) from a stop sign...and finally Russo has retained counsel he expects the City to pay for to keep his Housing Authority seat.

One last thing. My opponents are not independent, as they are supported by Mason/Russo. The deal that has been worked out is to force a runoff, then they will all rally behind that person to beat us.

We will prevail. Vote C1 on Tuesday May 10th."

Peter Cunningham

My Comment: The other three candidates for 5th Ward wee all a Beth Mason's HQ kickoff. Thus a vote for any of Peter's opponents is a vote for Beth Mason and largely a vote against Mayor Dawn Zimmer's positive agenda to move Hoboken forward. ◦