Thursday, May 19, 2011

No Giant Speech Tonight- Beth Mason Tables Witch Hunt

Update 5/19/2011: As suspected, the resolution was tabled. Perhaps Beth Mason was not trusting Nino's vote when it came to this resolution. Anyway I am glad I didn't waste my time waiting on the worst City Council President in recent Hoboken history (Beth Mason) and her chicken sh*t witch hunt. Perhaps she calculated the blow back wouldn't be worth the price of admission.

Original Post 5/18/2011 8:50 PM: I left the City Council Meeting 20 minutes ago. I will be publishing my prepared remarks tomorrow instead. I got there hung out a bit but couldn't wait until the end of the meeting to let Beth Mason have it. This way I am sure to get the last word against her minion Lane Bajardi. He finally showed up at City Council chambers.

Da Horsey is planning to speak. Could be a hoot!

- Posted while on the go. ◦